Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Make a Money Tree

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to make a money tree as a goodbye gift for our Pastor and his wife.  I had made one years before, but couldn't remember exactly how I did it!  I scoured the net, and took a little info. from "this site" and a little from "that site" and came up with my own version. 

You are going to need:
     One twig -- approximately 1.5 feet tall that has a good shape
     A pot -- I got mine at Dollar Tree.  It had a little more personality than a standard pot.
     Mini Clothespins -- I bought a pack of 50 at Michaels.  (Later found them at Walmart.)
     Foam -- Also from Dollar Tree
     White Spray Paint

First I spray painted the twig white, then painted the clothespins.
While the Clothespins were drying, I went to the computer and typed the word "Blessings".  I used a program called Serif PagePlus X6.  It's not InDesign or one of the Adobe products, but it's a great graphics program for the financially challenged.  I put the type on a curve, then switched it to "Mirror Image" and printed it out.

 After I printed off the design, I took pastel chalk and rubbed it over the back of the image, then I traced it onto the pot.

For some reason my hands were not very steady today, and my painted "Blessings" didn't come out as well as I had hoped.  sigh...

Next, I assembled the tree:

I added some ribbon to the stem, (which my daughter didn't like) so use your own judgment.

I hot glued clothespins to the strongest branches.

 I attached the money by "clipping" the bills carefully to the tree with the clothespins.  The smaller limbs are very fragile, so maybe you don't want to add too many one dollar bills!
And that was it!  I did put some spanish moss around the base, but I think I'll remove that and add a base of coins!  All in all, a fun project that can now be recycled as a different kind of blessing tree. 

After the money is removed, people can use small cards and write things they are thankful for and "clothespin" their Blessings to the tree!


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