Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to make Apothecary Jars

Since first seeing Apothecary Jars on either Pinterest or Stumbleupon, I have become obsessed!  I have been buying candy dishes and candle sticks left and right.  Today I finally decided to assemble the easiest ones...the ones without paint.  Here's what you start with:

Cute jars with lids.

 Add to that:
Candle sticks either from Dollar Tree, Yard Sales or Thrift Stores.

 You run a bead of the E-6000 on to BOTH surfaces.  Around the rim of the candle sticks, and in the center of the bottom of the candy dish.  

Let them "set" for 10 minutes.  O.K.  I can NEVER wait 10 minutes, so I'm hoping three is enough.

Turn the candy dish over, and attach the candle stick.  Try not to have strings of glue like I did!  You want to try to center as best you can.  Slide it around a bit when you flip it over to make sure the candy dish doesn't look lopsided.

Let them set overnight.
And the final project looks like...

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