Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas House

I am REALLY starting to love to paint!  For the most part it's still hit or miss, but I was pleased with "Our Christmas Home", that really doesn't look like our home at all!

This time I actually did photograph a step by step, but...I accidentally deleted the first ones.  I was so sick.  Anyway, I'll upload the ones I managed to keep and show you how the painting evolved and changed along the way.

At this point, I hadn't added the foreground trees yet, but I had begun placement (notice the long blue line).  The side walk is massive, too.  MUCH tweaking yet to be done!
TREES! and way too much yellow reflection.  Still did not know what to do with the snow on the roof at this time or what to do with the massive sidewalk!...OR the shading on the roof...or the snow in the foreground.  I hadn't painted my bows on the wreaths yet. It was a mess.  I didn't like the trees behind the house.  I felt they were too much.  At this point, I didn't have much hope for the painting.

Beginning to feel much better!  I brightened up the moon.  I toned down the shading on the roof.  I removed the trees over the top of the house.  I made the sidewalk MUCH smaller.  I added more snow to the foreground and blended away some of the yellow.

Finally.  I added back some of the shading I had on the roof.  I added more shaking to the house.  I made the tree limbs around the moon longer.  I hung icicles off the roof.

I know next year I will see all sorts of improvement I need to make, but for now, our Christmas Home is a "happy little painting!"