Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chalk Paint Dresser and Vintage Graphics

The one REALLY good thing about getting ready to get new carpet, besides purging, is being able to paint without a drop cloth!!!! YEA!!!

I've had this dresser since my son, now 20, was a toddler. It was given to us by some neighbors. It's been blue for a boy and, after my daughter was born, pink for a girl. Then white as an all purpose "catch all". Lately it's been our TV stand in the Bonus Room. (Sorry, no pictures from then when the room was CLEAN.)


Here are the supplies needed:

That's chalk paint from Walmart in "Plaster" and "Elephant". I was going to paint it all "Plaster" but changed my mind at the last moment. I also thought I do some serious distressing on this and put deep red in the crevices. Well, wrong. Changed my mind.

Here's how I started out:

First I had holes to fill. I sanded, but the paint kept flaking and I didn't have any wood putty. I was in a hurry, so I sanded as best as I could, and just filled the flicking paint chips with sealer and am hoping for the best.

Next, I added the red that I ended up not using.
Did I mention we are getting new carpet and packing and my house is a wreck?

THEN...and this is the best part of all. I went over to and downloaded this beauty. You will want to download the "Mirror Image" if you are going to do the Citrasolv transfer method.

THEN...and this is the second best thing of all. I went to 
This is a magical place that can turn your JPEGs into any size you need...for free!!!! I printed out the graphic ON MY LASER PRINTER (an inkjet will not work) and I was ready to begin the transfer.
First I measured and taped it down. It's import to keep things secure as you will be lifting to check the transfer.
All taped and ready to begin. You need a cup for the Citrasolv (that's it in the bottle), Q-tips to transfer a small amount at a time of the Citrasolv on to your paper, and a metal spoon to burnish the image down. I've tried other things and a spoon works perfectly.

With the Q-tip wet, go very sparingly on the Citrasolv or it will smear. Lift back after burnishing to check. You may need to re-rub. My laser jet printer is in sad shape, so my ink is not as dark as I would like. I'll fix that in a minute.
This is what it looks like before you remove everything.

I didn't take pictures, but I had to go over parts with the "Elephant" paint and a small paint brush, as well as a fine tip Sharpie. I then sealed the top with the Mod Podge Antique Sealer and sprayed the front and sides with a Matte Sealer.

The most expensive part were the drawer pulls! I knew what I wanted and it cost me around $30! Yikes! But, I do think it completes the piece and I'm pleased. Of course, I am tired from doing packing and painting so what do I know?

Painting Blue Willow Vase & Roses

I thought this would be really hard, but it wasn't. To make the vase, you paint a vase that has a cast shadow the color of what would be reflected near it. For example, whiter near the light source, orange near the apricots, darker in shadow. The "Blue Willow" is basically just a squiggly design you come up with and slightly go across with a dry brush to blend. The Roses?, well, YouTube is a magical place!