Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Simple Painting

You may have seen these places where you go and paint a picture in 2 hours.  There is one in the Nashville, TN area called "Paint Along".  It is FABULOUS!  You have the best time, and you actually do paint a picture in two hours.  I learn more about painting AFTER the class is over, because it is then that I actually have time to "dissect" what I did wrong!  Still, with the right company, you will have a blast and learn a few things, too.

I didn't have my camera, so I used the one on my phone.  (Sorry about the poor quality.)

First we painted our background.  On this painting, we used a light blue/teal color, then quickly added a darker blue and blended.  Then we went on top of the wet "blues" and dabbed white for clouds.  I was too heavy with the white, and my clouds, I feel, are overpowering.  (lesson learned!)
Next we added our base "branch" aka tree trunk.  We started with a basic brown, (see below) then "branched out" from there.

After we had our base, we added more branches, using upward strokes.  We then took our tan and black paint to add shading and dimension.

Our next step was to add flowers.  We did this by either using the end of our paint brush and dabbing "circles", or free handing.  After we had the flowers, we added white to the center, then black to the center of the white.  
I really wasn't pleased with my final project, but I will take what I learned and trudge on!  Everyone is artistic.  It's the confidence, or lack of that either propels us to achieve more, or stop in our tracks.  Keep on trying!  You just may surprise yourself!

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