Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hope Plates and Lillie

These plates are a part of my previous project that I had to put it on hold for a couple of days.  Making these plates for my daughter ended up being one of those "gotta love my dog" moments.  You may remember my mentioning our dog, Lillie.  Well, as I was moving from one project to the next, I discovered my "burnisher" went missing.  Knowing that Lillie has a peculiar affinity for plastic, (crazy dog) I knew I needed to start hunting.  This was what I found.

Cut out on Cricut; weed and attach transfer tape.

A contrite Lillie, "helped" me create these plates.  She shows you the steps below:

"See...I'm helping. I love you so much."

I think the shape and color of the plates matches my daughter's bedspread perfectly!  I think Lillie is about three shades of crazy...but I love her.

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