Monday, May 7, 2012

Pop Art - deux

A lot of people have asked me how to do these "Pop Art Portraits".  They are so silly easy, that I must share.  First, you take a photograph...the more expressive the better.  Then you convert it to black and white, increasing the contrast.  Print the photo to fit the frame you have, either 8x10 or 8 1/2x 11.  Lay the photo down and tape the cleaned glass from the frame directly on top.

Pick a color!  You will only use two colors:  White and another dark color.  From these two colors you will create two more shades; a lighter shade and a darker shade.  Pretty much you will go from white to your color choice in four steps:  Example:  White -- light blue --- darker blue -- darkest blue.  Got it?  Post a comment if I confuse you. 

Next, you PAINT! 
(1) Take a detail brush and paint your highlighted areas first.  The teeth, the white of the eyes...anything that stands out as being a lighter area. 
(2) Take the darkest color and outline the darkest areas.  The eyes, the lips, the shape of the face.  Also, when painting hair, have your strokes mimick hair strokes; short and wispy.
(3) Dab with a fuller brush your lighter areas.
(4) Dab with your darker color you mixed, ALL OVER the painting.

Let dry and flip!  So much fun and oh so cool!

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