Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to use Armour Etch

This past weekend I went to a friend's wedding.  She had ordered some personalized, fluted wine glasses but wasn't pleased with the way they turned out.  THEN, she asked me if I would make some for her.  I was intimidated, but jumped right in!

Here are the steps to ETCHING GLASS easily at home:

1.  CREATE YOUR STENCIL.  In this case I used my Silhouette and cut out my design; then "weeded" the vinyl.  (See below.)

2.  USE TRANSFER TAPE AND ATTACH TO GLASS.  After I had "weeded" the vinyl, I strongly rubbed my transfer tape over my design.  Then I cut out the vinyl/transfer tape and attached it to the glass.  After it was SECURELY burnished down to the CLEANED glass, I REMOVED the transfer tape.  That left the area that said "Sharon & Joe" exposing the glass.  THEN I put on ARMOUR ETCH pretty thick.

IMPORTANT:  You really want to make sure the vinyl is firmly attached to the glass.  Watch closely for bubbles OR loose vinyl.  If there's ANY gap between the vinyl and the area to be etched, the etching cream will seep under and ruin your masterpiece!

3.  WAIT...then RINSE.  The etching occurs pretty fast.  I leave it on for approximately 5 minutes, then you rinse off the etching cream.  I use hot water because it softens the vinyl for easy removal.  It especially makes it easy to remove the small vinyl pieces like inside the "a" and "o".
4.  Enjoy your efforts!

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