Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Sew a Pillow AND do a Citrasolv Transfer

A friend of mine recently asked if I would make a pillow as a wedding gift for a friend of hers.  I went to an excellent site for beautiful personalized downloads,  I found a gorgeous monogram that can be used in a variety of ways.  Here's the link:  After opening the file in my graphics program, I mirror imaged the design, then printed it out on my laser printer.
After I cut out my fabric, I chose 18"X18", I ironed the fabric to get out as many wrinkles as possible for a smooth transfer.
It's kind of hard to tell, but under the white paper, you can kind of see the image of something underneath the fabric.  I placed a magazine under the fabric and the transfer image to help prevent the Citrasolv from seeping out.  I also taped my image, FACE DOWN in the center of my fabric.  Now for the fun!

You apply the Citrasolv, in sections with a cotton ball.  If you use too much Citrasolv it will smear,  too little and you will be applying more.  It's all trial and error.  After I let the Citrasolv set for a few minutes, I took the end of a butter knife and really rubbed the paper to press the ink into the fabric.  I checked to see my progress below.
After rubbing and rubbing, I ended up with a fairly good transfer.  (See below)
Now for the part that I'm not too good at...the sewing.

First, you take the front and the back pieces of fabric that will be your pillow. THEN, you take pins and pin the two pieces together by pinning around the edges of your image. 
You will most likely have some surplus fabric around the edges (see below).  I'm sure a really good seamstress will not, but I always do.
Then you take a ruler and try to center your image as best as possible.  You then cut off the excess and hope for the best!

Next, you turn your fabric inside out and begin sewing!!! 
I didn't take any actual sewing pictures, but I left approximately a 1/4 (plus) inch margin all around the edges.  I left a three inch gap on the end, (supposed to be in the middle) to "inside out" the pillow.
After you "inside out" the pillow...
Take the pillow back to the ironing board and run the iron down the newly sewn seam.
Now, STUFF the stuffin' out of it!
And there you have it!

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