Monday, May 21, 2012


That's Lillie the Wonder Dog inspecting the situation.
I don't believe there is anything better on this earth, than fresh grown tomatoes.  Unless, it's fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob. Ummm...and double ummm!  We planted my "Big Boy", "Better Boy", "That's a Boy", and "Whose your Momma, Boy" tomatoes about two weeks ago!  I'm blogging about them to keep me accountable.  I used to baby my tomatoes -- feeding them a couple of times a week and ALWAYS making sure they had water.  The last couple of years I've slacked, and so have my tomato crops! 

By the looks of things in the picture to the right, I believe I need to be looking out for some aphids!  YUCK!  I'll keep you posted as to their progress.